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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post by TurnToAllah on Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:19 am



1. Users must not take the names of Allah(swt) as usernames (e.g Ar-Rahman).

2. Users must not take usernames which have racist, sexual or anti-Islam connotations.

3. Users must not take usernames which associate partners with Allah(swt).

Any usernames deemed offensive or insulting to Muslims/Islam or inappropriate for an Islamic Forum, by the Moderators and Administrators of the forum, will be changed, or removed completely.

Pictures (including avatar's):

Pictures posted on the main board must conform to the following standards:

1. No pictures of uncovered men allowed. For the purposes of this forum uncovered will mean anything between the navel and knees not being covered when referring to men, as this is what RasoolAllah Rules and Regulations Saws described as being correct.
2. No pictures of uncovered women allowed. For the purposes of this forum uncovered will mean anything other than the hands and face not being covered when referring to women.

3. No pictures of idols or prophets will be allowed (e.g. no crucifixes, Hindu idols, etc).

4. No National flags are to be used as avatar's nor in signatures. Aside from national flags, other flags (such as the Kalimah Flag) are permissible unless they contravene any other rule.

5. No graphic pictures of corpses are permitted.

6. No pornographic or otherwise sexual images to be posted anywhere on the forum.

7. No racist, sexual or anti-Islam slogans or symbols will be allowed.

8. No Images of those that may cause or incite controversy.

Any picture or avatar deemed inappropriate by the Moderators or Administrators of the forum will be removed.

Profiles other information:

1. Users must not link to inappropriate web sites in their profiles or other information. Inappropriate types of web sites would include Anti-Islam websites, or Porn websites.

2. Users must not have profiles or signatures which contravene the other rules of posting as detailed in this set of guidelines.

Any information, text, link or email address deemed appropriate by the Moderators or Administrators of the forum may be removed.

Speaking about Islam/Muslims:

This is in Islamic forum and thus Islam will be respected. This means no slander against the Prophet (SAW), Allah (SWT) or the Prophets (AS). If you have an objection or opinion on the Prophet (SAW) or Allah (SWT) etc, you have to present it in a reasonable fashion, with evidence to back up your argument. This will allow us all to look at everything objectively and minimise the amount of emotion.

1. Islam is to be spoken of respectfully at all times.

2. Islam is not to be lied against.

3. Islam is not to be insulted or derided at any time.

4. Islamic practices are not to be ridiculed or derided at any time.

5. Allah(swt) and the Prophets of Islam are to be respected and insulting or offensive comments about them may lead to an immediate and permanent ban.

6. Namecalling and making personal insults against Muslims or other users is not allowed. This goes to both the Non Muslims and the Muslims!

7. Declaring Muslim users munafiqs or kaafirs is not allowed and may result in an immediate and permanent ban.

8. Discussions regarding different groups or sects are to be held in the appropriate forums and without any name calling or slandering users.

9. Slandering, name calling or making takfir upon scholars of Islam is not permitted and will be removed immediately, and a warning will be placed to the user, if not a ban.

Any post or thread deemed by the Moderators or Administrators of the forum, to be written in a manner or intent which is inappropriate will be moved/edited/deleted and action against users may be taken.

Posting Ettiquette:

1. Discussions between the Muslims should take place with correct Islamic adaab (manners).

2. Users must not post any expletives (profane or obscene expression) or other foul language of any form (this includes abbreviations/asterisk/anagrams).

3. Users will not spam the forums. This includes unnecessary repeat postings of the same thread in different boards. If this is done a user could lose His/Her privileges, and the posts will be removed.

4. Users should use standard font's and sizes when posting to maintain readability. Users must not abuse the editing features to litter the forum with unnecessarily colorful or large posts which become difficult to read. If you are copying and pasting and it shows larger on the paste, then please correctly edit it so that it will not be a disturbance to other users.

5. Users must type in English on the main boards. It is permissible to add some words/phrases/sentences from another language or to quote text from another language, provided that the gist of the post can be understood in English or that a translation is provided.

6. Private boards are set aside for Arabic and Urdu speakers, if users wish to type the bulk of their posting in these languages, they are advised to do so in the correct forum or their postings may be deleted or moved by Moderators/Administrators.

7. Users may use shorthand, as long at the posts can be understood and resemble the English language. Users who persist in typing in an incomprehensible manner may have their posts deleted from the forum, users are advised to type their posts in what can be commonly recognized as the English language.

8. When posting news, articles or any other copyright material links and/or references should be included with the posting.

9. Users are free to express their views, but may not post continual statements that have been found offensive, or belabor issues beyond the post it is originally posted in. Do not use the words of another user repeatedly in posts that do not apply.

10. Users must not lie and pretend to be a moderator or administrator when they are not really.

Offensive posting:

1. Users must not post comments of a racist nature nor make racial taunts against other users.

2. Users should not post comments of an explicitly sexual or perverse nature.

3. Launching personal attacks and insulting or swearing at other members is not acceptable
behavior neither in the public boards nor via Private Messaging, or Rep Points.

Any posts or comments that are deemed offensive or inappropriate by the Moderators or Administrators of the forums will be removed and action against users may be taken.

Interaction with other Users:

1. Users must interact with each other in a civil if not respectful manner.

2. When debating users must ensure they follow the guidelines above on Posting Etiquette and Offensive Posts.

3. Users must not harass any other user via the forums nor display threatening behavior to any other user. Such behavior may result in an immediate and permanent ban.

4. Users must strive to uphold Islamic standards of hayaa (modesty) and interaction with members of the opposite mating. As such no flirting or other similar behavior amongst users will be tolerated. Unnecessary and inappropriate talk should be kept to an absolute minimum on the main boards as well via the PM and Rep functions.

5. All topics are discussed on the main boards but for highly sensitive and personal gender issues, Brothers and Sisters forums are available for users and should be used.

6. For in-depth or sensitive discussions on aspects of Islam between Muslims, Muslims users have the Private Muslim Forums available to them.

7. Rep Points are available as a feature to show appreciation (or lack thereof) for a users posts. Rep Comments should be used as an opportunity to give feedback and tell a user what you liked or disliked about the particular post.

8. Users must not use the comments to insult, slander, backbite, flirt, swear or otherwise make inappropriate comments. These comments are NOT private.

9. Private Messaging should not be used for inappropriate exchanges between users (that includes previously mentioned categories).

10. Private Messages are not viewed by Moderators or Administrators of the forum but they can view who you are Messaging and can also take disciplinary action based on complaints with regards to abuse of the Private Messaging feature.

Abuse of the Private Messaging feature may lead to it being disabled for offending users.

If Moderators or Administrators deem a users interaction with other members of the forum to be inappropriate they may take disciplinary action against said user.

Interaction with Moderators and Admins:

1. Moderators and Administrators of the forums are to be shown respect as are their decisions.

2. Insulting, slandering or otherwise attacking or speaking ill of Moderators or Administrators whether directly or indirectly is not acceptable.

3. Users should take heed of all Moderator or Administrator warnings, not doing so may result in disciplinary action.

4. Trying to undermine the authority or the decision of a Moderator or Administrator of the forum is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

5. Complaints against decisions taken by Mods/Admins should be made via PM directly to the administrator.

6. The Troubleshooting Forum is available for general problems on the forum and Moderators/Administrators check this forum and will try to respond as quickly as possible

7. If action has been taken against you that you do not understand or you are not aware why you have had action taken against you, you are permitted to query this via the Troubleshooting Forum or preferably the PM feature.

8. If action has been taken against another user and you are not aware, do not understand or do not agree with why, it is NOT permissible to start threads about this on the main forum, nor to demand answers from Moderators/Administrators. The correct course of action would be to query the user themselves, who will be aware or will be made aware and can inform you if they so wish.

Moderator and Administrator's actions/decisions are final and must be respected and by until users are told otherwise by the Mod/Admin team.

Who to contact:

The following is a list of Moderators and Administrators of the board, their area's of responsibility and what to contact them in regards to if you have the need.

Contact the Administrators for account issues such as problems accessing forums and other such matters.

Contact the moderators with general forum issues in regards to posts, threads, users and behavior please.

Moderators and administrators tends to get the bulk of PM's right now and this creates a large workload for them and also means your problems get dealt with slower. So PLEASE ensure you are contacting the right member of the team with your problem to even this situation out and speed things up.


1. There is a separate board set aside for links. This can be used by users to alert others to a website of interest, be it about Islam or not.

2. When posting any copyrighted material found on the internet users should link to the webpage or make clear where it was obtained from.

3. Users should not post any links to sites that are anti-Islam, racist, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate.

4. Users should be careful that any pictures or video's on the page they are linking to are not inappropriate if there is something that you find questionable please forewarn the users.

5. If Muslims wish to make comment on any anti-Islam site, they are advised to do so in the Muslims Forum.

6. Do not misuse your posting privelges by creating numerous new threads containing only collections of links to other sites.

If Moderators and Administrators of the forums deem any link inappropriate, it will be removed.

Forum Security:

1. To request access to a private forum (Muslim, Brothers or Sisters), please join the Brother/Sisters group (It can be done by clicking the link given in the info below the forum). Do not PM Administrators or Moderators for access; simply join the group to get access.

2. Talking about what is discussed in private forums should be kept to a minimum, revealing detailed information about what users discuss is a breach of trust and action may be taken against this.

3. Users must NOT under any circumstances share or reveal their password to anyone. This jeopardizes the security of the whole forum and is a serious offense that will result in a permanent ban from private sections if not all of the forum.

4. *Users who gain access to private forums MUST read the sticky threads in those forums and abide by the extra rules of the private forums as stated in those threads.*

If Moderators or Administrators deem that a user has acted in a way that has put the forums security at risk, they may take appropriate action against the user.

Admins will never ask you for your password, but we may need to verify you by asking your email address that you registered with. No account Sharing allowed. If there are several posters in the same household you must each have individual account's.

These Rules and Regulation are subject to change when deemed necessary by the Administration of Turn To Allah forum.


  • When editing user posts Administrators and Moderators of the forum should, where possible and appropriate, leave an explanation of why the post had to be edited.
  • When deleting posts Administrators and Moderators of the forum, where possible and appropriate, should leave an explanation of why the post had to be deleted for the benefit of other Admin Team members.
  • Administrators or Moderators of the forum are not required to inform users every time they delete/move/edit a post or thread.
  • If a user wishes to know the reason why their post or thread was deleted/moved/edited, they are advised to ask via PM and the Administrator or Moderator in question should respond and inform them of the reason via PM also.
  • Administrators and Moderators of the forum are generally required to issue at least one warning before banning a user. If the Administration as a group decide that in a particular case or a particular circumstance an outright ban without a warning is warranted, this may be issued at their discretion.
  • If a user is behaving in a manner or posting material that warrants a ban, a warning should be issued.
  • If the user continues the offense they may be banned for a length of time that is deemed appropriate to the offense by the Moderator or Administrator in question. This may span from one day to a permanent ban.
  • Administrators are not obliged to give warning before disabling PM or other features if they see reason to do so, but may do so at their own discretion.
  • Administrators and Moderators are not obliged to give warning before removing inappropriate avatars, links or other information from user's profiles and account information.
  • Administrators are not obliged to give warning before restricted a users access to certain forums, but may do so at their own discretion.
  • If a user wishes to know the reason why they have been restricted from certain forums they may request an explanation via the Troubleshooting Forum or by PMing one of the Administrators. Administrators must respond to such requests.
  • The Chief Administrator has overriding control and decision making power and this must be respected by all members of the Admin Team and all other users also.

These Rules and Regulation are subject to change when deemed necessary by the Administration of Turn To Allah forum.


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